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Catch Blue Marlin, Sail Fish, Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, Yellow Tail

Fishing Trips

Fish like the Locals

  • PUMPBOAT - P9,000 (1-2pax) complete equipment, boatmen, and free sandwich and water

Advanced Fishing 

TRIMARAN - P19,000 with complete equipment, boatmen, and sandwiches and water good for 2 pax; extra person costs P500/head; max of 6 pax

Professional Fishing 

  • SPEEDBOAT - P38,000 complete equipment, boatmen, and inclusive of food (lunch) good for 2 pax; extra person is P1,000/head; max of 6 pax

Rates are inclusive of pick-up/drop-off from hotel to shore/boat, boatman captain, fuel costs, complete fishing equipment, snacks and water, dinner after the fishing trip (bring your catch to us and we will cook it for you free of charge).

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